Background of Jim Humble (inventor ofJim Humble MMS)

"I'm the inventor of MMS, a solution that releases small amounts of the most effective germicide known to man in the human body, yet it is totally incapable of causing damage to the body.It is known through out the world as chlorine dioxide".    Jim Humble

Jim Humble, who is the man behind MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), has certainly proven to the world that he is willing to do whatever it takes to further his cause. On the surface, when you first read about MMS, be it positive or negative writings, you picture an energetic young internet marketer trying his or her best to promote and sell a product, which may or may not work. Dig a little deeper, and you discover that Jim Humble is a respectable 76 year old gentleman who is dedicated to a cause he firmly believes in.

This man's crusade first start when he was traveling in Africa. Two companions who were on an expedition with him were unfortunate enough to get struck down with Malaria, and with the expedition being days away from the nearest doctors, Jim did the only thing he could think of. He went ahead and administered some of his sodium chlorite (also called liquid oxygen) to his sick fellow trekkers. Within almost no time at all, both men were cured. At that point, Jim had never imagined his little bottle of drops could work such wonders, but having seen first hand how they cured malaria, he was determined to get to the bottom of it.

From that day on, Jim has virtually dedicated his life to researching the subject, and trying to teach the world what he knows. Unfortunately however, Jim, together with his MMS, has certainly not received the welcome he was more than likely expecting. To the contrary, he has been shunned by various governments, together with several large organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration in America.

Jim HumbleToday, Jim has to a great extent been forced to leave his home country. Either that, or stop his crusade regarding MMS. Believing so strongly in the potential of MMS as a life saver, Jim has chosen to continue his work, even if it means he spends the rest of his life on the move.

Let's face it, it's difficult trying to argue that MMS doesn't work, or that it's dangerous, when Jim has seen so many people cured of a wide range of diseases with the help of MMS. Of course his opponents are quick to say he's in it for the money, and yet his only income is from a book he has written on the subject. All other money comes from donations, and is used to fund his travel in some remote parts of the world.

Just recently, when swine flu broke out in Mexico, Jim was confident that MMS could cure it. Unfortunately word got out, and even though Jim has personal friends in the Mexican cabinet, he was quietly told that it may be unsafe for him to remain in the country, and that he should leave before it was too late. Just prior to his departure, he was asked by a doctor to stay and help in a small village, but by the next day, that doctor would not speak to him at all, and he was told to not make any attempt to communicate with the doctor again.

Jim then traveled to Africa, and while everything has not been an easy ride, it seems Jim is at last starting to make some progress at showing the world the real potential of his miracle Mineral Supplement.









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