The Chemical Makeup of MMS

Just as with practically all forms of treatment, if it's administered to you for long enough, you'll begin to develop immunity. In other words, if you were to be given the same type of antibiotics for an extended period of time in order to treat an infection, the bacterial responsible for the infection will eventually become resistant to the medication. This actually has a double outcome, because on one hand, it gives the pharmaceutical an opportunity to keep making and selling new products, but at the same time, the have no option if we're to stay ahead of a particular threat.

When it comes to MMS, we need to bear in mind that above all, it's oxidizer which essentially works by homing inHeavy Metal Chelation Using MMS... on pathogens, and then goes about removing their electrons. The point of interest here is that pathogens and human tissues are vastly different, so in essence, the human body cannot become immune to MMS. Also, the actual mechanism behind this process never undergoes any form of change. MMS will be just as effective, even if you've been using it for years.

The active ingredient within MMS is chlorine dioxide, and interestingly enough, this has been used for many years already in order to treat public water supplies. Simply put, when added to water, it wipes out a broad range of parasites and disease which would otherwise infect us. Another point of interest is the fact that while Jim Humble is often credited with the discovery of this outstanding substance, chlorine dioxide was in fact already being used in hospital the world over, as well as in the agricultural sector. Jim Humble, one could argue, simply shed light on the fact that considering our bodies consist mainly of water; chlorine dioxide may do the same as it does in large bodies of public water.

So, what makes MMS such a force to be reckoned with? Simply put, chlorine dioxide simply hates pathogens, and the very instant it comes into contact with one, the pathogen will have the misfortune of loosing approximately five electrons. Fortunately for the human race, practically no known pathogens are capable of standing up to such a sever attack.

Once the chlorine dioxide has stripped a sufficient number of electrons from rogue pathogens, it throws in the towel and begins to decompose into harmless by-product which will simply pass through the body. The pathogen on the other hand, is basically left paralyzed, and due to complex processes within the body, a percentage of it is converted into a salt, thus meaning it's 100% harmless at this point.

Another interesting fact is that chlorine dioxide will only home in on invaders which have a pH lower than 7. Yes, you've guessed it. The vast majority of dangerous pathogens fall into the pH range, while good bacteria and so on tend to have a pH higher than 7.

Lastly but not least, chlorine dioxide doesn't waste time, and it doesn't hang around if it's not needed. In fact, if no pathogens are discovered within about an hour, MMS simply breaks down into regular table salt.

So, there you have it - while MMS has certainly caused a lot of waves, and while it has helped many people, there really is nothing complicated about it.









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