Does the Miracle Mineral Supplement Work?

MMS which essentially stands for "Miracle Mineral Supplement" was in some respect, the brainchild of a Mr. Jim Humble. With that said, it should also be mentioned that the active ingredient, which is chlorine dioxide, has been around ever since time in memorial, and in fact it's been used to treat water for many years already. It's has also long since been used in agriculture, but it was one with the arrival of Jim Humble's MMS, that this remarkable substance found itself under the spotlight.

Considering the length of time MMS has been open to scrutiny, there's been more than enough time for people to decide if it really does work or not. Interestingly enough, MMS has received very few negative reviews, something which is almost unheard of nowadays when it comes to health supplements. To the contrary, MMS is for the most part spoken very highly of, but unfortunately, there still tends to be much misunderstanding and confusion. While one could literally write pages and pages on the subject, in this article we're simply going to take a brief look at what actually occurs within the body when this substance is consumed.

Once you ingest your dosage of MMS, it soon enters the bloodstream and begins its crusade. Each time it comes across some sort of pathogen with a pH lower than 7, it strips away three to five electrons. This process is, to put it simply, know as oxidizing, and while there are many oxidizing agents out there, the active ingredient in MMS only targets acidic enemies, and that's where it's fame lies, given that virtually all beneficial bacteria, human tissue, and so on, all have ph levels higher than 7, thus making them alkaline structures, which are safe from being attacked by the MMS.

MMS is rapidly absorbed by the body to the point where it enters the bloodstream. As you can no doubt imagine, it is then transported around the body, to all regions where blood is present. Any diseased tissue, parasites, harmful bacteria, and the likes, that happen to have a pH lover than 7 or a negative charge, will instantaneously be neutralized the minute they cross paths with the chlorine dioxide.

Another great thing about this substance is that it begins to break down in approximately one hour, whether it locates any pathogens or not. The results substance is 100% harmless, and in fact, studies have found that it reacts with one of the other substances found in the body, and leads to the formation of hypochlorus acid, which is a vital component of a healthy immune system. Some people even suffer from a condition known as myeloeroxidase deficiency, which is when they have inadequate amounts of hypochlorus acid in their bodies.

The bottom line is, when it comes to pathogen destroying power and efficiency, it would well and truly take a lot to beat MMS, or at least, chlorine dioxide.









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