Historical Use of Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a substance discovered in 1814 by Sir Humphrey Davy. He did so by pouring sulphuric acid into potassium chlorate, and replacing the sulphuric acid with hypochlorous acid.It should be noted that chlorine dioxide is much different from chlorine in chemical structure as well as behavior. For one thing, standard  chlorine is not volatile, but chlorine dioxide certainly is. That being the case, the chemical needs to be created on-site rather than being shipped across the country, and this tends to make it a bit more expensive.

The first use for chlorine dioxide was as a tooth whitening solution. This was more than likely a bad idea, but as you probably know, we eventually moved on to hydrogen peroxide and other, safer chemicals. In the end, better uses were found for chlorine dioxide, though it did undergo a phase in which it was considered dangerous, and as a result many industries would not use it in a position where it may be exposed to the public.

It was discovered in 1991 that chlorine dioxide packets could be used to remove mold in libraries. This was a common occurrence in schools and universities as some books had been there for several decades. In the year 2001, a follow up study was conducted on the materials cleaned by chlorine dioxide. It was found that the books cleaned were not harmful in any way, and as a result, chlorine dioxide has been used as a cleaning agent ever since.

In addition to being used by university libraries, chlorine dioxide is often used to purify water, which is without a doubt one of the better uses. As a result, Jim Humble would later use it to treat a member of his expedition who had been affected by the malaria parasite. The fact that both men were up and moving around within a few hours proved that the stabilized oxygen formulahad indeed provided what appeared to be a miracle cure.

Today chlorine dioxide is used in the MMS supplement (Miracle Mineral Supplement) and though the FDA warns about the use of industrial strength bleach there are many who swear by it. There are plenty of websites currently selling the MMS formula, and while many are wary of the inclusion of chlorine dioxide, there are many still that believe MMS will provide them with the lifestyle they have always wanted, which is to say a feeling of wellbeing, and one that results in a better quality of life. If you have been feeling down, or simply not up to par, then there is a chance you simply need to clear the pathogens out of your body and take life by the reigns. After all, you only get one life.









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