How does the MMS compound work?

Before we go ahead and look at the actual science behind MMS, let's first take a quick look at its history. Of course the actual active ingredient in MMS has been around ever since this wonderful planet of ours was first created, but it wasn't until more recent times that a certain Mr. Jim Humble put together a specific protocol regarding the use of this substance in a product now known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) So, how did thisIs the Miracle Mineral Supplement Safe? all come about? Many moons ago, while on an expedition, two men who were accompanying Jim Humble were unfortunate enough to get struck down by malaria. Being many miles from the nearest medical facilities, Jim gave his two companions some of his last liquid oxygen (sodium chlorite). Amazingly enough, both of his companions were as right as rain within just four hours. Jim himself was at a loss for words, but it did lead to him carrying out some in-depth research upon his return to civilization.

Alright, let's dig a little deeper now. Contrary to what some may try and tell you, the active ingredient in MMS is actually chlorine dioxide, and not the sodium chlorite, which as you've seen above, is sometimes referred to as being liquid oxygen. With that said, the sodium chlorite is what actually makes it possible for chlorine dioxide to form. If you mix sodium chlorite with a specific quantity of citric acid, you end up with a certain amount of chlorine dioxide. In fact, the reaction takes place rather rapidly, usually within the space of about three minutes.

Before we continue, it should be noted that there's a vast difference between regular chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Regular chlorine is in abundance, and is by and large bound to an element known as sodium, which of course is why there is so much salt available in the world. Chlorine dioxide on the other hand is a mixture of chlorine and oxygen. To be more specific, it is formed when one chlorine ion binds with two oxygen ions, at which point, it becomes chlorine dioxide, an extremely powerful oxidizing agent.

Being such an admirable oxidizing agent means that it's highly efficient at stripping electron off certain molecules. Molecules which are vulnerable to this type of onslaught are typically called electron donors, and this is where things start to heat up. Generally speaking, the vast majority of pathogens capable of surviving in the body are in essence, electron donors. To the contrary, healthy organs, cell tissue and etc. are not electron donors, and are therefore safe in the presence of chlorine dioxide.

When MMS is ingested, it immediately enters the bloodstream which it turns transports it to all the extremities within the body. As all healthy tissue and beneficial bacteria have an alkaline reading (meaning they are not electron donors) the chlorine dioxide simply bypasses them. If however, it comes across any pathogens (electron donors) it immediately strips away several electron from each molecule. This all takes place incredibly quickly, and as soon as the chlorine dioxide molecule has accepted all the electron is can handle, it begins to break down in a substance with is actually vital to the immune system.

Thos pathogen molecules on the other hand, were immediately naturalized the moment they lost their electrons. At that point, they became nothing but harmless waste that will be expelled from the body in just a few hours.

MMS is based on solid scientific fact. The active ingredient strips electrons, and this is something, which can even be witnessed under a microscope.









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