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The pharmaceuticals market is flooded with promises of miracle cures, so much in fact, that many people have actually taken the stance that there is no such thing as a miracle drug and this stance is quite correct actually. A miracle drug would have the ability to cure all ailments, and while some say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, many would say that the slogan is simply a marketing campaign for apple farmers. Either way, it is important that we look past the propaganda and attempt to find ourselves a decent and healthy substance. That being said, let's talk a bit about the Miracle Mineral Supplement and what it can do for your health.

Before attempting to use the Miracle Mineral Supplement, you should understand that it does not work alone. It does in fact require a chemical mixture, and once the mixture is complete, it will create chlorine dioxide, a chemical that is about as far as standard chlorine as you can get. The question that many people have however is how this chemical is supposed to help.

Let's start by talking about the creator, Jim Humble. The gentleman created the mixture with the intent of purifying water in Africa. This was not to be done on a massive scale of course, but rather to help him on his gold hunting expeditions. As someone who embarked on many such expeditions to Africa, he must have known the risk of Malaria. There is a strong chance that one of the members on his team would become infected with the deadly virus regardless of the precautions they had taken. When faced with that reality, Jim Humble did something that many others would have dismissed as lunacy, he used what he would later coin the Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Carrying a supply of the purification liquid with him, he used it on two of his ill teammates as a last resort. It should be understood that they were days away from the nearest relief station and if that had not been the case then he might never have made the incredible discovery. As luck would have it however, there was no other option and he simply administered what would later be coined as MMS.

Both men were cured of their symptoms, and while it was considered a miracle by many, Jim Humble still maintains that it was simple science.It should be understood that Chlorine Dioxide is not a new substance. It finds its roots in the 1800s, but its use as a pathogenic treatment was only recently publicized. As time went by, many discovered the usefulness of this substance, and soon enough, it became a standard among the health community. Whether or not it can do anything for you remains to be seen, but there is a strong chance that it will provide you the quality of life you've been seeking for so long.









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