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There has been quite a bit of debate going around the internet and the medical world as of late regarding a man named Jim Humble. The question that people tend to ask is whether he is a miracle worker or a madman. One thing to note is that Jim Humble does not claim to have the miracle cure for any disease, but he is willing to help those dealing with infections or other illnesses. In short, Jim Humble is a visionary that attempts to market a product known as MMS, or the Miracle Mineral Solution.

 It is not a miracle, though it is some rather amazing science. Chlorine Dioxide, while it might sound a bit dangerous, is in fact quite helpful to your own body. It will destroy pathogens and generally help you to live a better life. It is known that Jim Humble did not invent chlorine dioxide or the MMS compound, but he did refine it, and he did create a better delivery system. There are three major items that you need to know about Jim Humble before you attempt to use his product:

  • Jim Humble is not a doctor or a scientist 
  • He is not a good writer 
  • He has never given up on attempting to spread his message 

These are three very interesting points regarding a man who in August of 2007 developed the MMS supplement and helped individuals around the world to free themselves of various ailments that were affecting their quality of life. It should also be noted that in spite of various instances of persecution and even the threat of jailtime, he has continued to spread the word about MMS.

 The question however is whether or not MMS is actually helpful.The majority of users have established that while the concept is around eighty years old, the way in which Jim Humble delivers it is indeed helpful and it has served to change their lives for the better. It should also be taken into account that Jim Humble has written several books on the subject of chlorine dioxide & how this compound works within the body, and he did not sell MMS himself for a period of ten years. He did receive loyalties on his books which he used to further the research into the compound. In other words he never saw a single cent in relation to his work, which means he clearly isn't in this for the money.

 Is there an ulterior motive? It's hard to say, but as of right now, it would appear the Jim Humble truly wants to help people, and it may very well be in your best interest to give him a chance if you feel that his product can help you.









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