Legal Implications of the Miracle Mineral Supplement

To a great extent, it's actually quite a challenge trying to write about this topic, given that everyone has their own views, not only as far as MMS is concerned, but also with regards to alternative treatments in general. Furthermore, anyone who even dares to promote such treatments finds themselves up against a very formidable opponent. In case you haven't guessed it yet, I'm referring to the FDA - America's Food and Drug Administration.

Now, conspiracies exist around every bend, and in general, I myself have little time for them. With that said, when it comes to natural remedies and alternative treatments, one cannot but wonder just how much truth there is in some of the conspiracies. After all, if a cheap yet effective treatment was discovered tomorrow, which was able to provide a 100% success rate in terms of curing cancer for example, pharmaceutical companies the world over would stands to lose billions of dollars. If you ask me, one doesn't have to be a banker, or an investment specialist, in order to understand that such immense profits are worth protecting at all costs.

While I'm not making any direct accusations, I cannot help but wonder why the FDA has been so hell bent on getting rid of MMS. For example, millions of people have used this supplement and experienced great results, and to date nobody has died from using it. Admittedly, it can cause a few side effects, but most would agree that a little bit of nausea, and perhaps a bout of diarrhea, is a small price to pay if the supplement can deliver very real results.

Of course, the FDA homes in on the subject of side effects in order to lend their argument some weight. Ironically, however, the FDA has never once spent money on advertising the fact that more than a quarter of a million people die each year from taking FDA approved drugs.

So, where does this leave consumers who wish to take certain steps in treating themselves for a range of problems. Well, at present the FDA has to a large extent succeeded at forcing MMS off the shelves of most ret the average store only simply doesn't have the money to fight such a powerful organization. With that said, it can still be purchased, but you'll more than not see it being called water purification drops.

As for treating yourself with it, there is currently no law in place to prevent you from doing so, but of course that could change at any moment. Canada for one, has already outlawed it, so if you are considering using MMS, it's advisable to determine where you stand from a legal point of view. As already stated, at the time of writing, you are still legally entitled to treat yourself with this remarkable yet controversial substance.









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