A little history about the MMS Supplement

The Miracle mineral supplement has been around for quite some time and is being used by tens ofChlorine dixide is the active constituent of the MMS Compound... thousands of people from all around the world.People are using this supplement because it use claimed to be able to kill various bacteria and viruses including many parasites that inhabit the body and cause many different health disorders.

This particular product has become very controversial over the years with the various health agencies because of its apparent effectiveness dealing with all parts of different diseases. Therefore it has become a target for people selling this product by the mainstream medical authorities which owned by the pharmaceutical companies.

Even though this particular product has had its trials to stay alive and well within the marketplace to further assist people with their many health difficulties that seem to face a growing number of people over the planet, people still have managed to stick around and not give in to the powers that be. It is a product that is relatively easy to put together which makes it possible for other people to produce and get this product out to the people of the world.

It was discovered by a man who was actually a scientist and a doctor of sorts and while he was traveling in Africa with his two friends, one of the people that he had been traveling with become ill with a water borne parasite called malaria. Anyone who gets this dreaded virus can attest to the trouble it gives them as it is one of those diseases that comes from a parasite and causes a lot of problems on the various organs and cells within the body.

Each Drop is a Potent Strike against Pathogens, viruses & other Stressors to the body...At the time there was very little that Jim could give his friend for this condition and the only thing that he did have in his possession at the time was a product called stabilized oxygen. So he went ahead and administered some of the stabilized oxygen to his friend over the period of the next few hours and it was very apparent that his condition was improving and so he continued to give him this for the next few days...This was the beginning of a investigation into the properties of stabilized oxygen and its effects on viruses and bacteria within the body.

Over a period of the next few years Jim discovered in a superior form a compound that was far more potent and effective and then stabilized oxygen. This compound was called Chlorine dioxide Over the next many years Jim would further refine his knowledge with this product.

He has since traveled all around the world administering this product to the sick and poor countries and has had amazing successes with malaria and other waterborne parasites and bacteria. He has literally treated thousands of people and has helped many more as many other people have now assisting him in the distribution and education of this particular amazing compound.

MMS for the most part is completely safe but it is also calling dioxide, so one has to be careful because too much of it at any one time can bring about nausea and even vomiting and diarrhea. With that being said, if one follows the protocol mentioned by Jim humble himself then you'll likely not have any problems and you will only experience the benefits of this amazing product.









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