Miracle Mineral Supplement - Fact or Fiction?

Being directly involved in alternative medicine, or at least, alternative forms of treatment, I come across new "Wonder Products" almost daily. Of course if I'm to be totally honest, I would have to say that 90% of them are just plain rubbish, at least from a health point of view. From a business point of view, some of these "wonder" products are great, considering that the manufacturers many internet marketers make a lot of money out of promoting them. So, if you're in the business of selling bogus products to vulnerable people, then such "wonder" products may well be the thing for you, because while they won't improve your own health, they can improve the health of your bank balance.

Anyway, let's get back to the topic at hand. For me personally, the most refreshing thing about MMS is that it does really work. This is not a fanciful claim aimed at duping people into buying the product, but instead, it is scientific fact which can be proven in any modern day laboratory. For example, if you were to take a piece of cancerous tissue and expose it to MMS under a microscope, you would see, right their in front of your own eyes, exactly what happens to those cancer causing pathogens.

What would happen to them?

Well, just as with practically all pathogens, cancer causing pathogens also tend to have a pH lower than 7, thus mean they're acidic. This is where their downfall lies, because the active ingredient in MMS, which happens to be chlorine dioxide, will immediately home in on them in order to acquire some of their electrons. Once stripped of between 3 and five electron, which is what typically happens, the pathogens are rendered useless. In fact, they are at that point completely neutral, and will then shortly be expelled from the body in the form of waste.

Why does chlorine dioxide act in this manner?

Rather than get to technical, let's just say that chlorine dioxide molecules are hungry for electron. Now, this is by no means a quality that is unique to this specific compound. To the contrary, it's a very common occurrence. Any type of substance that strips electrons from another substance is known as an oxidizing agent, and I have no doubt you've come across a few products in your time that have a label warning consumers that the product is an oxidizing agent?

What sets MMS apart from the rest?

While most oxidizing compounds will strip electron from anything and everything they come into contact with, the active ingredient in MMS only reacts with those things which are acid by nature. In other words, the chlorine dioxide molecules will only strip electrons from substances that have a pH lower than 7. A good way to test the effectiveness of MMS is to try some the next time you have a gum infection. You can be rest assured; your gum infection won't be around for long.

MMS has also been used to treat malaria on a number of occasions, although because there are various strains, treatment is not always successful. Nevertheless, many have been cured. MMS can also be used to rid your body of parasites, together with a plethora of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Even if you are still skeptical, you owe it to yourself to research this some more, because the benefits are just too many to ignore.









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