MMS - What Can it Really Do?

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When any new supplement or medicine is released on the market, people want to know just what it can treat and how it will benefit them both now and in the future. Yes, this is a fair question, and when it comes to the Miracle Mineral Supplement, there are actually quite a few different ailments that it will take care of. The first thing you need to understand is that MMS is NOT chlorine dioxide as many people will claim.

MMS is sodium chlorite ad Jim Humble has stated himself many times. Once it is combined with acid, it produces chlorus acid and this is oxidized to create chlorine dioxide. The purpose of chlorine dioxide, at least in this form is to purge the body of all pathogens and contaminants. In other words it will do the same thing in the human body that it does in the typical water supply.

The entire purpose of MMS, or at least Jim Humble's early variant of the substance is to make the local water supply portable. This was extremely important considering that Humble was leading a gold mining team deep in the jungles of South America. When two of his team members became stricken with malaria and the team was two days from the nearest town. Faced with a life or death decision, he provided his two team  members with the purification substance he carried with them, and it wasn't long before they were both feeling much better.

It is easy to think of this as a miracle, but as we said before it is simple science. As it cleans out the pathogens in the human body. Chlorine dioxide is NOT an antibiotic, and as a result it will not allow any pathogens in your body to mutate. It will simply kill them off and that will be that. Yes it sounds miraculous, but it actually works! That being the case, MMS is theoretically capable of treating any virus or other illness that takes place in the human body. Whether or not it will cure cancer would surely be an individual experience, though Jim Humble has been documented as saying such.

As always the choice to use MMS is yours, but it has been around for many years, and so far it has not managed to disappoint. One of the most interesting things regarding MMS is the fact that the creator, Jim Humble has not requested any kind of compensation for his product. It seems that he genuinely wants to help people in spite of poor writing skills and a lack of scientific knowledge. He is by his own admission an ordinary man who discovered something extraordinary. That discovery can help both you and the ones you love for many years to come. 









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