Who is Jim Humble?

Jim Humble is a name being mentioned quite a bit these days, and many wonder just who he is. Believe it or not, this is the man who invented the MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement. But what is the miracle mineral supplement? How does it work? MMS is without a doubt one of the most effective compounds on the market, and it has actually saved several thousand lives already!

One thing we need to lay out on the table is the fact that chlorine dioxide is not the same chemical compound as chlorine bleach. These are two very different substances in that chlorine dioxide will actually cleanse the body of pathogens and toxins, while chlorine beach will actually corrode and potentially kill.

Jim Humble understands this completely, and that is precisely why he came up with the concept of adding sodium chlorite to his drinking water, particularly in third world countries such as Africa or even South America. This would serve to purify the drinking water, rendering it bother tolerable and safe for members of his expedition to drink. Unfortunately, that wasn't nearly enough, and two of his members would fall ill from the malaria parasite.

With their lives on the line, he administered what would later become known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement. What he gave them of course was a simplified version of MMS and it would later be refined, but it is no surprise that so many people have embraced it, especially considering its almost miraculous products.

Jim Humble maintains that the Miracle Mineral Supplement is certainly not a miracle as the name implies, but it is instead a work of science and good chemistry. It is true that many people are concerned about the nature of MMS, particularly the fact that it contains chlorine dioxide when activated, but it must be understood that in small doses, chlorine dioxide can serve to clear pathogens and toxins from the body.

MMS is sold online in many different locations, and Jim Humble has written several books on the topic. One of the most interesting things about Jim Humble is that in spite of his discoveries and products, he has actually pocketed very little of the proceeds from either his books or from MMS. Instead, he has actually contributed the money made toward furthering MMS research and helping even more people to overcome simple ailments that keep them from performing simple, everyday tasks.

No one wants to be held back by toxins or pathogens and Jim Humble understands this. That being said, look for new developments to the MMS product and see just what it can do for you. You might be surprised, and chances are you'll feel better than ever!









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