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Below you will find reference material so as to better enable your understanding about the MMS product. This aspect of the site will be updated regularly as more pertinent information becomes available.

  • This is a comprehensive article written by a prominent Australian researcher named Walter Last for the Nexus Magazine. This piece of writing is likely to answer many of the questions that you may have. It's worth a look, check it out... Nexus MMS Article, July 2009.pdf
  • Below we provide a pdf that illustrates pictorially just how MMS works inside the body. This has been put together by Jim Humble, and allows the reader to have a better understanding of how MMS functions... MMS Mechanics.pdf
  • Download the latest edition of The Master Mineral Solution - 3rd Millennium (eBook download with most of the latest protocols.)
  • The following link takes you to a website constructed by Jim Humble. Information regarding fungal control, swine flu, skin care, oral therapy, cancer treatment, etc. This site provides a surplus of knowledge...
  • Below we provide a link to a blog that provides usable MMS information as well as many real life testimonials spanning a broad number of pathologies. This site will provide you with a fairly substantial overview as to how the Miracle Mineral Supplement works. It is well worth a look... MMS Testimonials
  • Here we provide a simple to understand pdf that gives exacting dosage requirements calculated from one's own body weight. If there is doubt about dosages, this will help... MMS Usage Chart