Please feel free to peruse our our archival videos. This library will be added to over time, and as new material becomes available.

MMS Videos

Feel free to peruse the short youtube videos below...

Below you will see the Red Cross actively participating in a Malaria program in Uganda just recently - unfortunately after the program was complete & virtually ALL who were treated for the parasite were malaria free - the Red Cross distanced themselves entirely (going on to say that they were never even there!). A sad thing indeed considering that literally millions still die of this disease yearly!

A man by the name of Adam Abraham speaks in the next clip about a recent professional documentary that he has produced regarding the miracle mineral solution. This man is quite well known publically, and runs his own radio program featuring many famous guests. The clip features Adam Abraham travelling to Mexico and the resulting interviews. Have a watch...

Below is perhaps the very first interview Jum Humble gave regarding the MMS product with Project Camelot. Learn more about the man who began the movement!

Below you will see a brief clip with Mr Humble spending time at an Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) exhibition in Mexico - which shows just how popular & well known this product has become! In the second part of the video you will see a short clip of a young mother & her experience using the product with an issue that her child was having. What is interesting to note is that after only 15 minutes the chest infection was resolved!