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 Miracle Mineral Solution

MMS has helped cure more than 75,000 people in Africa so far...


Chlorine Dioxide has proven Lethal to Malaria

More than 2000 individual people have been personally treated by Jim Humble in Africa, along with an additional 75,000 others who have been medicated with the Miracle Mineral Solution with the help of purposely trained missionaries. The girl holding her father's hand below was one of the success stories, but unfortunately many others are not so lucky.

Malaria is responsible for more deaths culminatively each year than if you were to combine the deaths from all other diseases combined.

The videos below provide you with additional testimonials from real people who have had real results. Have a look for your self how this MMS product is literally assisting thousands of people worldwide.

Family MMS has Helped


The following video shows a medical doctor regailing us about his experiences over the years using the miracle mineral supplement  product, all of which have been very positive. This man has been prescribing the Miracle Mineral Supplement within his practice for many years, and speaks with authority about his numerous successes with MMS.


The following clip is showing a young child being treated with MMS for Malaria in a hospital in Africa. Needless to say, the child made a complete recovery within a very brief period of time!











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 MMS2 - Water Purification Capsules - 60 (400mg)


Breakthrough - The Miracle Mineral of the 21st Century (English - 4th Edition)


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